Singing On Pitch for Beginners

One of the hardest things a singing artist may struggle with in the beginning is finding the correct pitch of each note.  This can be frustrating and in turn you can strain your voice trying to hard.  Causing yourself injury or learning bad singing techniques will not get you far and you will end up quitting.   Now that you know what to avoid doing, lets focus on some techniques that will help you become a better singing.

how to develop better singing pitch

Tips and Tricks to Singing On Key

Kevin McClintock explained the number one tip that I recommend any singer to learn is to know when they are singing on key and off.  If you know when your pitch is off, then you can spot it right away and make changes.  They sell inexpensive tools like digital tuners to help you develop your ear.  It will tell you if each note is flat or sharp.  After you develop your ear for each note, you will be able to make changes to your voice.  I recommend staying in a comfortable vocal range when doing this.  Reduce the risk of damaging your vocal cords at all costs.  This website will help you with some easy techniques.

The second tip of finding each note is listening to the tuner play a note and then playing that note in your head.  Recognizing the note in your head will create that muscle memory when you are singing.  After you have a good idea of the correct pitch in your head, sing out loud and turn the tuner on.  See if the note in your head is on pitch with the digital tuner.

This exercise will become easier and easier and you can move on to other singing exercises.  The main thing you want to do is develop your ear.  This will lead to singing success.

Reaching Out To Singing Instructors

The benefit of having some type of vocal coach is tremendous.  If they are a good vocal coach/trainer then they will be able to hear when and if you are off pitch.  It is one thing listening to a machine tell you if you are off or not.  Your instructor will give you real time feedback so you don’t learn bad habits in the beginning.  You can go on Snag Music and get some help with finding instructors there or just do a search.

Everyone has a budget and some of you reading this may not be able to afford anything.  This may be a situation where you can trade services for lessons.  The local community colleges may have students there that teach and are willing to help for very little money.  This process will require you to become a little creative but I believe there is someone for you at every level of your journey.  If you don’t have money for a tuner I recommend listening to you tube videos and following along to develop your pitch.   Go easy on yourself and have fun singing.  Each exercise you do will make you a better vocalist.




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