My Best Music Career Advice EVER!

Want to hear my best advice for musicians of all kinds who want to do something amazing with their lives and careers? Watch more here:

22 thoughts on “My Best Music Career Advice EVER!

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    My Best Music Career Advice EVER!

  2. What’s always great about your advice Bob, is that it states the obvious
    …. BUT, that’s exactly what’s needed. You just put it all together, so
    that it makes some sense.

  3. Hey Bob. Just wanted to say that if your main mission did not have any
    specific number. Mission is accomplished. Because you have completely
    helped, inspired and clarified many things for me in this very simple video
    posted years ago. I also love the positive energy you emit and your
    optimistic realism. Thank you sincerely.

  4. Thanks for this advice Bob. I am a music business industry student at NMIT
    here in Melbourne, Australia, and we are using your book “Guerrilla Music
    Marketing Handbook.”

  5. Good stuff, Bob. Another dimension to the conversation is the saying,
    “winners have goals, bigger winners have systems.” If you can figure out
    how to consistently crank out that song, recording, or show, it all moves
    more effectively and less expensively, and reaches your goal faster (and
    more often).

  6. This is really great advice. I really like singing but I’ve sort of been
    pushed away from going to college for that because it is so hard to get a
    job performing. I have a lot of opportunities, however, I’m not sure of any
    other careers that would be enjoyable for me. How will I be able to tell
    what career is right for me?

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