49 thoughts on “Music Lessons

  1. Find Todd

  2. Literally the most helpful tutorial i’ve watched on learning chords, fuck
    the number system, you taught this in a way simpler form. Solid video

  3. Honestly, I feel like I should be giving you money for this. This is by far
    the best tutorial I have seen in regards to learning chord structures.

  4. Michael: Excellent theoric presentation.Easy to grasp.
    I recommend you as an idoneous teacher for anyone starting in any
    instrument,I play string instruments.
    Excellent job.
    Cheers .

  5. Basically…
    Major Chord = The Note + Major 3rd + Minor 3rd
    Augumented Chord = The Note + Major 3rd + Major 3rd
    Minor Chord = The Note + Minor 3rd + Major 3rd
    Diminished Chord = The Note + Minor 3rd + Minor 3rd


  6. Such a beautiful piano sound this keyboard has… mine sounds plastic
    Could you make a keyboard buying guide video to kinda help us pick a decent
    yet affordable keyboard?

  7. Can you make CC? I can’t catch up what you’re saying. Sorry I’m not that
    good with listening. I want to learn how to play piano through internet
    because there is no school in my town. Hope you would help me.

  8. Very helpful! I didn’t pay attention to theory as a kid in piano lessons,
    and I now I regret it. Since I’ve taken up the piano again over the past
    years, I’ve been wanting to get caught up. This is the foundational stuff I
    need. Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much….it helped me so so so much
    You should continue making videos on piano tutorials
    Thank you very much

  10. Thank you so much! This video is perfectly paced with great attention to
    details which are explained in a way that is very good for those who are
    still learning. I have never studied music so this has helped me a whole
    lot. I will definitely check out your other videos! Keep it up :)

  11. I can’t thank you enough! I’m in high school and we don’t have a music
    theory class so this has really opened my eyes. Especially since I’m in
    jazz band. Now when I see those chords for improve I’ll actually KNOW what
    they mean!

  12. What a fantastic video. I have been dabbling with playing a keyboard for a
    while now and this is the first basic theory resource I have found that
    just hit the nail on the head and gave me that ahh-ha! moment. Now I have
    some good basics to allow me to play with my software synths a bit more

  13. Pretty nice tutorial ! I’m sure it’s going to help plenty to begin with
    intervals. Maybe making a similar one with scales and then one explaining
    the different modes of C major would be better for you than playing
    Starcraft 😉 Cheers

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