Kendall and Abby talk about Kendall’s music career | Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 15 BONUS SCENE

Kendall and Abby talk about Kendall’s music career

Here is a video on Kendall and Abby talking about a future music career!  Hope she follows through with her dreams!

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22 thoughts on “Kendall and Abby talk about Kendall’s music career | Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 15 BONUS SCENE

  1. I see this as a sweet moment between Kendall and Abby, but I don’t believe
    one word that comes out of Abbys mouth. She’s willing to invest so much
    money into Kendall’s video where she sings a heavily auto tuned song in a
    two piece army inspired costume (which I actually like) but won’t support
    her original student singing about having self -confidence and happiness?
    She doesn’t see Nia’s natural capability in commercial dance and
    enticing stage presence but thinks Kendall will be the next major success?
    I’m not sure what it is but something is just not right to be honest.
    I’m starting to think Abby might be a closet racist who thinks Nia can’t do
    anything much because she’s not dainty, lyrical is not her forte and she
    looks different to the other girls. She gave Brooke (who’s singing
    capabilities are questionable) Mackenzie, (who you can barley here over the
    auto tune) rumour has it even Maddie has a music to be released and now
    Kendall a music opportunity but not Nia. Sorry but it’s very suspicious
    that she grossly overlooks Nia the way she does as Holly and Abbys
    relationship was solid before this season. .

  2. I really want to believe that Abby is doing this because she really does
    genuinely care about Kendall and wants her to succeed, and not to make
    herself more famous or to get back at anyone (like Holly). I thought it was
    sweet that she said she was going to cry when Kendall said she was ready,
    and I just hope that she was being sincere about that and she really does
    have faith in Kendall and believe in her.

  3. is it true that dancemomslover17 is trying to delete your account along
    with dancemomsstuff and dance tards? sorry if this comes as curious and
    don’t feel as if you need to answer me

  4. this isn’t cute. Jill has no ethics and is teaching her daughter to be
    bratty. Like come on guys, we all no Abby doesn’t give two flying fucks
    about Kendall, she’s just using her as a revenge against Holly, and she
    desperately wants Kendall to succeed to prove she’s a good manager, but
    she’s not. Nia has a better voice, greater carisma and kínder attitude, and
    the message of her song she can actually relate to. Plus her video is being
    made by professionals.

  5. I’m so happy for her, she works so hard and she really deserves this.
    Kendal is an amazing dancer and I’m glad she has this opportunity and I’m
    glad Abby has realised that she has talent as well as Marie and Mackenzie.
    ( I do love every one on dance moms I’m not hating ) 

  6. Why doesn’t she support Nia like this? If Abby really thinks Kendall is
    going to get far in this career, she should take a look at Nia. Nia in my
    opinion is best performer on the team. While her technique isn’t as great,
    that won’t matter in the world of entertainment because she has amazing
    facials and enthusiasm. To me, Nia is a natural star and eventually pointed
    feet won’t even matter.

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