This music theory tutorial was designed to teach you to learn music theory for free and in a fun easy way online!!

How to play keyboard or piano really fast. No complicated lessons needed. Just enjoy playing music instantly. I will teach you this secret in the video.
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50 thoughts on “#1 LEARN FREE MUSIC THEORY

  1. Lol… I’m an advanced piano player, meaning I can read hard sheets and
    play it on piano.. BUT I DONT KNOW MY MUSIC THEORY!.. So i guess im
    considered beginner.. sigh

  2. You are FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Thank you soo much for doing this, I know it
    takes a lot of time and work, and I REALLY appreciate it. :)

  3. I’m not trying to bash this dude, but every time I look into learning music
    theory, I always arrive at the conclusion that I’m just wasting my time lol
    Correct me if i’m wrong, but it’s my impression that music theory is only
    valuable if you wish to play other people’s music. Music doesn’t start on
    paper (at least not good music). Music is written on an instrument and then
    you go back and transcribe it to sheet music if you come up with something
    you like, not the other way around. My experience proves over and over
    again that there is absolutely no substitute for developing your ears and a
    physical relationship with your instrument, so don’t let music theory
    distract you from what is actually important–hands on experience with your

  4. The truth is that you need to learn music theory so you know when to
    dispose of it when you’re composing your own music. Music theory is a set
    of rules – like grammar – but once you start reading James Joyce or William
    Faulkner, you realize that that grammar has absolutely nothing to do with
    great literature – just like music theory has absolutely nothing to do with
    great music. But you must first KNOW and master grammar and music theory
    before you are able to creatively transcend it. Thanks for this!

  5. I’ve been learning this dudes stuff for a good few months (had to come back
    here to learn how to draw clefs again). He’s awesome. If you’re just
    starting this stick with it. He’ll take you through everything to get you
    to understand theory. I used a few books alongside his videos and I’m now
    learning to play some pretty complex pieces. I’m an electronic producer,
    but through learning theory you appreciate classical and Jazz and you’ll
    end up wanting to play that sort of stuff. Thanks Lypur <3

  6. Love your videos, man. You are a great contributor to the music committee.
    Do you recommend watching and studying these videos first or the piano
    lessons series first? Or both at the same time/doesn’t matter? (I’m only
    three videos into the piano lessons where I feel I could remember
    everything on the spot that was taught so far)

  7. I’m a music student but I didn’t understand anything. I was very shy to ask
    my instructor what is he talking about. I’m turning 2nd year and still I
    don’t know anything. Thanks for teaching us. I’m starting to understand now

  8. Has anyone ever told you you look like David Bowie? On a diferent note. You
    seem like a realy nice person.

  9. This is a wonderful tool that you have very generously shared with us,
    thank you. It’s sad to think that if this were not uploaded, so much wisdom
    would be wasted. Music in all forms is a beautiful thing, and helps bring
    us together as humans. I apologize on behalf of those who may put you down,
    or those commenting below with negative sentiments. It’s my belief that
    such people who have not discovered what it is to teach others with
    different interests and varying levels of understanding, will eventually
    grow tired of that heavy chip on their shoulder and learn the joy and
    challenges of accepting others. I’m happy to say that after reading many of
    these comments, there are plenty of you who can relate in varying amounts.
    More so, I hope that I can challenge the hearts of those who disagree, to
    step away from their convictions and understand what it means to have

  10. omg!!!!! I have been wanting to learn piano for years. Took lessons as an
    adult, but got into a bad habit of writing finger numbers on the sheet
    music. never learned how to play. Have a grandson who plays by ear, doesn’t
    want lessons, I told him God gave him a gift it is his responsibility to
    sharpen that gift not ignore it. whenever he comes over he plays for me. He
    is in fifth grade, and starting band, hopefully he will learn to read
    music. I love the learn to play piano videos, I thank you for starting from
    the beginning and making people feel comfortable if they are willing to put
    in the work, they will be able to do it, God has given you a gift thanks
    for sharing. Grandma wendy

  11. I am missionary in Cambodia and can not stay on line long enough to show
    the youth how to play the piano and we do not have clue how to down load
    your lessons to the computer so they can watch and learn who to play. We in
    the village do not have access to internet cafe or anything like that at
    present so we need to be able to down load on computer when I do have
    access and than they can learn the keyboard. Thank you for answering.

  12. Thx man you are really helpful this was the dirst vedio I saw of you and
    you made me your fan respect!!!!

  13. Know many things, and get a motif xf8 next days, so your energy way is
    giving courage. You are not always singing “Jesus is the centre”, becaus I
    think the ONE God alone is God enough, and the Role of Jesus is artificiel
    “wishful thinking”. Here a visual event of the ONE for many people, visual
    round the clock since years, but silent, a silent ´inter-face`.

  14. Thanks a lot you taught me how to play a keyboard now all my friends are
    gonna come and check your video thanks

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